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Neem and Jatamansi Hair Growth Hair Mask with 9 Natural Ingredients - Fights Hair Loss, Improves Growth and Enhances Hair Texture - 150 gm

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Suitable for: All Hair types.

Dry, brittle, frizzy hair that is difficult to style and maintain can be caused by a number of factors, including aging, genetic factors, stress and other hair-damaging habits. Neem and Jatamansi hair mask is the best hair mask for hair growth. It is a safe and effective treatment for dry hair and scalp. The healthy ingredients in this hair mask boost hair growth. Made with the powerful Neem and Jatamansi herbs, this natural formula nourish your hair, make your hair and scalp healthy, and helps to prevent hair loss and breakage. This hair mask will be a great addition to your hair care routine. Choose the best hair mask for healthier hair and enjoy new hair growth. Our expert recommends this mask specially for dry, damaged hair. Using this hair mask will unclog hair follicles, treat hair issues and add shine to the hair.



🌿 Fight hair loss and promote hair growth.

🌿 Prevent hair fall & treat damaged hair.

🌿 Enhance hair texture by nourishing hair follicles.

🌿 Moisturize and nourish your scalp and hair.

🌿 Improve the health of your scalp.

🌿 Boost the strength of healthy hair.



✅ Take 2-3 teaspoon of Freshmade powder in a mixing bowl.

✅ Add a little water/ or rose water/ to make a thick paste.

✅ Optionally, you can also add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil or other natural oils to it.

✅ Apply the hair mask to wet hair or damp hair and leave it for 8-10 minutes.

✅ Wash your hair with cold/lukewarm water.





❓ How long does it actually take to see results?

✔️This natural hair mask will stimulate hair growth from the first use. According to experts, hair growth takes at least a month to start showing results. And you must follow a new haircare routine for at least 2 to 3 months to understand its effectiveness.

❓ Will this also delay hair graying?

✔️Hair graying is a natural process. And unfortunately it can not be stopped. Hair graying can be sped up by a lack of nutrients. Our hair mask has 9 healthy nutrients that can help you to significantly delay hair graying.

❓ Are there any side effects?

✔️This is an effective hair treatment and, because we use only natural ingredients, it is unlikely. But we still recommend doing a patch test. 

❓ How does this promote hair growth and strength?

✔️Regular use of this mask improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth and thickness. This mask also reduces hair breakage, dull hair and thinning hair.



Replace the cap immediately after use.
Store airtight in a cool and dark place.
Use within 40 days once opened.



100% natural ingredients.
Safe delivery standards.
We follow good manufacturing practice.



Get it within 2-5 days.
FREE Delivery on prepaid orders.
COD available at Rs. 40 COD charges.

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